"Inspired by

Breath of nature

in resorts”

Rest is a state of absolute calm and relaxation
of the soul and body to absorb and regenerate positive energy from nature.
It seems that, to “reach” that state, people need to temporarily leave behind the chaos
and worries of life to immerse themselves in a peaceful space, listen to
the pure sounds of life, enjoy the beauty
and take in the peaceful breath of nature
at luxurious and classy resorts.


with riverside life

of Sai Gon people”

Along the riverbank, Saigon people find
moments of peace and relaxation amidst the bustle
of the city. Chastity exercises, leisurely walks, or simply sipping a cup of aromatic coffee at the riverbank is the way they relax
and enjoy the beautiful moments of life.

It is not only a cultural beauty but also a symbol of harmony between people and river nature in
a hustle and bustle city. However, riverside life is gradually becoming
expensive and difficult to find for Saigon people.

"Crafted by

delicate & meticulous

to every details
Khai Hoan Land Group”

With 15 years of experience in real estate development,
Khai Hoan Land Group has invested in hundreds of projects and helped
thousands of customers find their ideal home. Better than anyone else
Khai Hoan Land deeply understands customer’s expectations and
strict requirements of creating a prosperous and happy life.
Thanks to the valuable experience and relentless efforts for a prosperous community,
Khai Hoan Land has refined every detail to create
our own project...

Welcome to Khai Hoan Prime
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  • Investor :
    Khai Hoan Land Group JSC
  • Address :
    Le Van Luong, Nhon Duc, Nha Be, HCMC.
  • Scale :
    19,730m2 | 25-27 floors | 1,296 apartments
  • Type:
    High-end 1-3 bedroom apartment, garden apartment, shophouse.
  • Construction density :
    26% (3 towers 21%, Clubhouse 5%).
  • Handover time :
    Quarter IV/2025.
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