Healthy living

Center of

luxury living

  • 1 Club house

    - Coffee shop
    - Gym area
    - Center for developing
    and nuturing young talents

  • 2 Outdoor event venue

  • 3 Riverside roadwalk

    - Boat dock

  • 4 BBQ

  • 5 City of Starlight

  • 6 Saltwater pool

    - Jacuzzi pool
    - Pool Bar

  • 7 Tennis courts

  • 8 Sky Lounge

  • 9 Health Garden

    - Health garden (Floor 3A)
    - Sports garden (Floor 12A)
    - Kids' garden (Floor 23)

  • 10 Outdoor playground

  • 11 International kindergatens

  • 12 Medical serrvices

  • 15 Gym area



in every moment of


Aiming for a life rich in
energy and health ,
in harmony with nature, more than 70% of the area at the Khai Hoan Prime project
is planned to build amenities andgreeny .
Come to feel nature soothe your soul
and cherish your emotions
in every moment of relaxation.

Saktwater pool, jacuzzi pool
Riverside park
Sky Garden Health Garden:
Yoga, Spa





Passion is a powerful motivator,
making life more positive
and meaningful. Discover new things, experience unique interesting things at
Khai Hoan Prime to capture
moments of true enjoyment,
where you can live out your passion
right in your own backyard.

Sports garden:
Table tennis, Billiards, Boxing
Children area:
Creative zone, movement zone
Commercial Avenue
BBQ Riverside





dmire the beauty of the river from
the boat dock, enjoy the exquisite intoxication at the Sky Lounge, sublimate your emotions
with outdoor parties or
immerse yourself in the rhythm at
the City of Starlight Every chill style
can be indulged at Khai Hoan Prime.

Boat dock
Sky Garden
City of Starlight
Pool Bar